What Is The Proper Name & Diagnosis For Shaking Uncontrollably?

A person’s body can shake uncontrollably for a variety of reasons, chiefly a seizure. Of course, there are essential tremors, which is not just a symptom but an actual condition. Did you know that there are millions of people that actually have this condition? That’s right, and the condition itself is something that is treatable, if not curable. You see, people develop this condition having been through all kinds of situations, including developing other medical conditions prior to having essential tremors.

One example of this would be a drug addict who is experiencing withdrawal symptoms. People also have essential tremors when they have Parkinson’s Disease. It is said that anxiety can cause essential tremors, too. So you can see that these tremors can be part of so many different things that require different treatments.

Naturally, this means that it’s very important to seek treatment because you need to pinpoint the reason for the tremors. You might think you know or have no idea at all, but you’re going to want to know of course by way of diagnosis from a doctor. What are all the associated symptoms that can occur when a person is experiencing essential tremors?

The uncontrollable shaking is only part of the picture, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to experience all the symptoms all the time. Some people experience uncontrollable shaking all day, while others just have periods of shaking. Of course, you might not experience all of the symptoms anyway. As for the other symptoms, people sometimes have a shaky voice. They can also experience their head nodding uncontrollably as well.

It’s unfortunate that a lack of balance can be part of the problem because this can cause falls. One universal treatment for tremors is rest, which means that a person with essential tremors shouldn’t be pushing themselves too hard. Stress is also going to make your tremors worse, so it’s important that you realize that when a stressful situation presents itself.

We should all focus on less stress in our lives. Of course things happen, that’s for sure. Remember what’s important is that you talk about your symptoms with a doctor and know what natural remedies you can use as well as your options medically speaking. Your doctor will help get you on the right course of treatment, and hopefully you can see a decline in how often you experience tremors.

Cuba Caribe & The Meaning of Life

Recently a religious person came to my door. I can’t recall what religion they were affiliated with, but they had an interesting question for me.

What is the meaning of life?

More so, what is the meaning of my life, their own life, and everyone’s life on planet Earth?

My reply and the reaction I got was equally as interesting as this question they proposed. Now, I suppose by my understanding of what’s normal in this culture we live in, that this question is asked as a bit of a joke at times. You might imagine Yogi bear proposing the question to his sidekick, then staring blankly into space as though the question cannot be answered. In fact, before understanding this question and how to answer it, I had a very vague sense that it was unanswerable. Also, in speaking with family and friends, I’ve gotten the same feeling that other people mostly believe that it’s unanswerable.

What a strange topic to get into right? I mean this question must be very important, but it’s as though many people have just thrown their hands up. Giving up before ever getting started.

Here’s my answer.

I uncovered this understanding from a man who said he spent about a decade trying to answer other equally important questions about life. What he told me was profound. The answer comes from taking a close look at one’s consciousness. Then recognizing that it’s possible to know something very intriguing about it. That you are conscious of something. Not conscious of everything, but you must in fact be conscious of something. From there, you work a few steps which I’ll save for a later post. But you can see how your happiness is variable. That you do in fact experience some level of happiness at any given time. I could continue, but I’ll now jump back to the person at my door.

I told them the purpose of life was happiness. To maximize your own happiness, along with everyone else.

A lady standing behind him, on the bottom stair to my door started shaking her head as if she disagreed with me. This person then started quoting scriptures and spouting off all sorts of nonsense, completely irrelevant to the idea I had just given him. Minutes later he was gone. I did try to give a good explanation of what I meant, but it was as if my answer was revolting to him.